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Sunpro Power Overview

You can find various energy solutions from Sunpro Power.

Over 10 years in solar

Over 5GW solar panel shipped

8 Subsidiaries

Customer in over 80 countries

Our Products

Sunpower provides innovative alternative energy solutions. Solar solutions for residential & commercial customers.

SunPro Grand M10 550W

SunPro Offer the latest demaded solar panel on the market, with also our stock of solar panels in major port within Europe.

M6 475W HJT solar panel

Efficiency reach an industry high of 21.85%, SunPro Premium modules are bifacial and 15% more powerful than PERC monofacial modules, with even better warranty attached.

Sunpro All in One ESS​

SunPro ESS Products including Hybrid inverter and Lithium battery pack, and a BMS.

Events by Sunpro


The first stop in 2023 is Genera, the largest and most influential environmental energy exhibition in Spain, which will last for three days. SUNPRO will focus on the analysis of Spain's new energy market and the discussion and sharing of professional knowledge with you.

InterSolar 2023

Sunpro Power provides Innovative alternative energy solutions. Solar solutions for residential & commercial customers.Welcome to visit us in InterSolar and Smart ESS exhibition in Munich Germany. The latest Sunpro products and technology will be there

Canton Fair

CANTON FAIR, a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale and the most complete categories of goods, was held in Chinese history. It is held twice a year, in spring and autumn. In 2023, SUNPRO POWER will meet you with the latest technology and products.

SENC 2023

SENC, held annually in Shanghai, is one of the most professional and largest photovoltaic exhibitions in the world, and one of the photovoltaic summits in Asia. More than 1600 enterprises from 95 countries and regions around the world participated in the previous exhibition, which covered all aspects of the photovoltaic industry chain. SUNPRO POWER will show the latest technology and products of this year on this platform, and can go close to China to visit our production process. For those who have a trip to Asia, you can contact us. Welcome to China.


The South American site of intersolar, a large-scale and influential solar energy professional exhibition in the world, is here. It is held in Sao Paulo, Brazil every year. This exhibition is one of the largest and most influential photovoltaic activities in South America. It is also a good place for customers interested in the emerging and dynamic photovoltaic market in South America. Sunpro also has a distribution network in South America, so we will also appear in Intersolar South American. If you are interested in our marketing network in South America and want to know the latest South American information and photovoltaic technology, please come and talk with us.

RE+ 2023 (featuring SPI & ESI)

The American International Solar Energy Exhibition RE+is co sponsored. It is an international exhibition that integrate three authoritative, large-scale and global exhibitions in North America . SPI, ESI and SEW will be jointly held as RE+and will be held annually in major cities across the United States. It is the best place to obtain the latest information of the global solar energy industry and understand the changing situation of the current solar energy market in North America, as well as the distribution center for trade activities. SUNPRO will provide a full range of photovoltaic consulting and product packages for customers in North America, so as to help you deeply cultivate the North American market and take a global view.