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About Us

Sunpro Power provides innovative alternative energy solutions. Solar and energy storage solutions for residential & commercial applications.

Meet SunPro Team

Experienced In PV industry for over 10 years, Operating PV company for Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales.

Mr. Wang

Chairman. & Co-Founder

Mrs. Hellen Wang

G.M. & Co-Founder

Mr. Jimmy Yan

Vice G.M. Sales


[ Advanced productive technology we have, High-quality products we produce. ]

Sunpro had set up an industry-leading automatic photovoltaic module production line , which including automatic cell sorting machines、automatic glass-lifting machines、EVA paving machines、automatic single welding&series welding machines、EL test machines、automatic edge trimmer、automatic integrated sealant&framing machines、automatic integrated durable &insulated grounding continuity test machines and etc with capacity 1.5GW per year.

Sunpro Premium Quality Management System

At Sunpro Power we put quality and safety at the 1st place. A comprehensive quality control and management system was set up at the very early stage of establishing of Sunpro. The factory qualification, as well as the safety of operation, production quality standards and as well as the self inspection before delivery of solar panels. The modules are tested in the lab for performance under extremely harsh environment qualification and study.

1st Quality Assurance


SunPro facilities are organized and certified by international standards like ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 for its quality management system, environmental management system as well as the health and safety management. Qualified facility and management system is the 1st protection for Sunpro Quality production.

2nd Quality Assurance

Product Quality Certifications

Participating solar module certifications for quality and safety as IEC61215/61730, Sunpro solar modules are certified by internationally recognized institution-TUV Sud from Germany. What's more the certifications of quality for solar module also covering salt-mist, ammonia and PID under IEC standards by TUV Sud.

3rd Quality Assurance

Tightened Quality Testings

The Sunpro Quality Tested Program is also applied in the lab of its own facility with quarterly testing data be analyzed and shared to technical dept. for optimized product design.
A 3-6 times longer testing cycles are applied to ensure the Sunpro solar panel stability.

Sunpro Premium Test

Test frequencyonce, only for initial certificationcontinuous sampling and monitoring
Cycling200 cycles600 cycles
Humidity test (DH)1,000h3,000h
Humidity-frost test (HF)10 cycles30 cycles
Load trial*dynamic load test (after UV test, before TC and HF)
Hot-Spot test*yes
EL Testonly certification module100% high-resolution, EL inspection
PID Testyes